December 4, 2020

Price increase announcement

Canadian Commercial Roofing Products

To Our Valued Customers:

In the past few weeks, the commercial roofing manufacturers have announced price increases on all low slope insulation products as well as on all membrane and accessories. While we strive to manage costs to ensure competitive pricing in the market, we are unable to absorb these additional costs into our business. Accordingly, Beacon will be implementing the following price increases:

  • 5-10% on low slope insulation products - effective with deliveries on January 1, 2021
  • 5-7% on membranes and accessories - effective with deliveries on March 1, 2021

As always, your Branch Manager is available to answer any questions regarding these increases and how they impact your pricing. They are also able to share the advantages of our value proposition to our valued customers that includes:

  • Bill Trust – On-line payment
  • Technical Expertise & Quality of Service

Most importantly, we greatly appreciate your support throughout the extreme challenges of COVID-19. Please know that we are taking exceptional measures to protect our people and ensure our branches are safe environments in which to conduct business.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you on your next project.

Charles Michaud
Vice President Canada
Beacon Building Products