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Female construction worker Beacon Building Products is shining a spotlight on hardworking women in the roofing industry. Beacon U.S. and Beacon Canada are proud to support networking, mentoring, education, and recruitment opportunities from the rooftop to the boardroom, for the young professional at the start of her career to the executive suite's seasoned manager. We hope to inspire our employees, customers, and communities to come together to assist us in achieving this.

For this North American competition, Beacon encourages the public and the roofing community to nominate a female leader in the roofing industry. We are seeking role models who have led by example – women who have accomplished great results, led teams, innovated, or have done something important for their roofing company or the roofing industry. We are proud of the women that inspire us and strive to strengthen the communities in which we live.


Congratulations to Michelle Ly Hall with Hall Roofing and Construction in Round Rock, Texas for winning the 2023 Female Roofing Professional of the Year.

Michelle Ly Hall is rewarded

Thank you to everyone involved and congratulations to all five of the finalists.

To meet our 2021 & 2022 winners, visit our contest page.

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