Company Values

Beacon was founded on a set of principles that has guided our business practices and growth philosophy for over 90 years. Through explosive growth, rapid geographic expansion, and acquisition of building supply brands throughout the United States and Canada, we have sustained a values-based company culture. Our values continue to be the foundation of being a preferred partner for our customers, employees, suppliers, stockholders, and communities. Our Company's good reputation is well-earned based on the actions of our employees every day. Read about how our Values come to life in our Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

This Code of Ethics and Business Conduct ("Code") promotes our five foundational, shared Company values which go well beyond describing minimums for legal compliance. Our values encompass expected behaviors that we must carefully measure every day when we make business decisions. They include essential directives for all directors, officers, and employees:


We are proud to support the hardworking people that build our communities and are driven by one purpose – helping our teammates, customers, and partners BUILD MORE. Our reputation is built on a foundation of consistency, trust, and respect. We are dedicated to forging collaborative relationships that empower people to reach their maximum potential.


We have an unwavering commitment to safety because a safe team is a healthy, happy, and successful team. We know that by creating safe and inclusive workplaces, we are building stronger communities, and helping our employees and customers live healthier, more fulfilling lives.


Every day, we have a choice to do it the easy way or the right way – we choose to do it the right way every time. We take our responsibility to each other seriously and value honest communication and diverse perspectives. It may take longer, It may be harder, but we are determined to do what’s right for our teammates, customers, and stakeholders, because that’s what matters most.


We take pride in a job well done and are always willing to roll up our sleeves and put in the extra effort to overcome obstacles and get results. We understand that every member of the team has a direct impact on the company’s legacy and feel personally accountable for Beacon’s reputation and financial success.


The path from average to exceptional begins with hard work and we wake up motivated to be a little better today than we were yesterday. We are strategic thinkers, always looking for a better way, a better solution, or a better approach. We are dedicated to bringing our customers innovative, smart and reliable solutions to help them get more from their day.

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